Boruto (Karma) coming to Shinobi Striker

Finally Boruto (Karma) has a release date of April 9th. Along with it you can unlock Kawaki’s outfit & hairstyle with the DLC. This means no full Kawaki character will release for Shinobi Striker?

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How to factory reset your Xbox

There are few reasons why you would need to factory reset your Xbox. You may be selling it or have some issues with it that a factory reset may help with. This is how you factory reset your Xbox and remove it from your devices.

Step 1: Press the Guide Button
Step 2: Go to Settings


Step 3: Got to System, Console Info

Console Info

Step 4: Click Reset console

Reset Console

Step 5: Select desired option (‘Reset and Remove Everything’ or ‘Reset and Keep Games & Apps’)


The console will then turn off. If you are keeping your console just restart it and setup your account like brand new. If you are selling your console you are ready to go.

Minecraft Dungeons Cross-play coming November 17th

Minecraft Dungeons is finally getting cross-play on November 17th, seems to me like it should have been in there from the start. Weird though no PS5 or Xbox Series X/S logos. I doubt that means anything. Wait, does the PS5 have Minecraft Dungeons?

MCD Play Together

How to Cancel your Minecraft Realms Subscription for Xbox

Here I show you how to cancel your Minecraft Realms subscription for Xbox since it doesn’t seem possible through the actual game anymore.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Find the subscription you want to cancel and choose manage

Microsoft Services

Step 3: Click Cancel subscription or Stop Recurring Billing

Realms Subscription

Step 4: Click Confirm to complete cancellation

Confirm Cancel

How to transfer your Xbox games to external hard drive

With the new Xbox Series X/S coming you may want to prepare by moving all your games to external storage. Xbox One games will be able to be used via an external hard drive on the Xbox Series X/S. Here I show you a super quick way of moving all your games to your external hard drive and avoid the hassle of redownloading your games on your new console.

Step 1: Click the Guide button and go to Settings

Xbox settings

Step 2: Go to System and click on storage

Xbox System Storage

Step 3: Click on Internal Storage and select “Move or copy”

Xbox Internal Storage

Step 4: Select the games you want moved or copied and select “Copy selected” or “Move selected”

Xbox Transfer
How to transfer your games to external hard drive on Xbox

How to Format your External Hard Drive for Xbox One

In order to use your external hard on the Xbox One it must be USB 3.0 and 256GB or bigger. Here Im going to show you how to format your external hard drive for games and app on the Xbox One. If your Xbox One doesn’t recognize your hard drive you can try plugging in your hard drive to another usb port, restarting your console by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds.

Step 1: Click Settings

Xbox Settings

Step 2: Go to System then Click Storage


Step 3: Click on the external hard drive you which you want to format and click “Format for games and apps”

Manage Storage