Upload Three Worlds to a Minecraft Realm!

Introduced into Minecraft version 1.17.10 you now have three world upload slots! You can upload up to 3 worlds to your Minecraft Realm and they can each have different settings. Only one world can be active at a time and Realms owners can easily switch between worlds. Members would be kicked from the current world and when they rejoin are automatically placed in the new active world. Here is a walkthrough I made of the new feature to Minecraft Realms.

How to enable coordinates on Minecraft Realms

When you create a Minecraft Realm you are given the option to enable coordinates but the option is not visible in the settings after that. You can however enable coordinates via commands. Only the owner and operators can enable coordinates and cheats do not need to be enabled so your achievements are still obtainable.

Cheats not enabled

Step 1: Open the Chat
Step 2: Type /gamerule showcoordinates true

Type Command

Step 3: Click ‘Enter’

Coordinates Enabled

Here’s my video where I show a complete walkthrough of enabling coordinates and pvp on a Minecraft Realm.

Minecraft Dungeons Cross-play coming November 17th

Minecraft Dungeons is finally getting cross-play on November 17th, seems to me like it should have been in there from the start. Weird though no PS5 or Xbox Series X/S logos. I doubt that means anything. Wait, does the PS5 have Minecraft Dungeons?

MCD Play Together

How to fix Xbox privacy settings for Minecraft Realms

To play on Minecraft Realms you need two privacy settings to be enabled (Join multiplayer and create and join clubs) . It isn’t very obvious and sometimes error messages aren’t very helpful. There are two ways to update your settings, on your Xbox or on Xbox.com. Here I will show you how to change your privacy settings on your Xbox.

On Xbox

Step 1: Press the Guide button and go to Settings

Xbox Guide

Step 2: Click on “Online safety and family”

Xbox Settings

Step 3: Click Privacy & online safety

Online safety & family

Step 4: Click Xbox Live privacy

Privacy & online safety
Xbox Live privacy

Step 5: Click on Friends & clubs and set “You can create and join clubs” to Allow

Friends and clubs

Step 6: Click on Communication & multiplayer and set “You can join multiplayer games” to Allow

Communication & multiplayer
How to fix Xbox privacy settings

How to kick/ban from Minecraft Realms

As of Minecraft Bedrock v1.16.1 you can kick or ban Minecraft Realm members if you are the owner of the Realm. Operators can only kick a player at the time of this article. You can remove/ban members via the member list in the realm settings, player list while in the realm or commands.

Member list

You can quickly remove/block members via the member list in the realm settings. Removing members will allow a player to rejoin if they have the share link/code. Blocking will not allow a player to rejoin until they are removed from the block list.

Realm Settings

Click realm settings in the Worlds tab.
Click the “Members” button on the left to see the realm member list.

Member List

Click the minus button next to the member you want to remove.
Click Remove or Block from the options.

Remove or Block

Player List

You can quickly remove or block a player while actually in the realm by accessing the player list.

Player List

Click pause, esc, or the menu button.
Click the player permissions button next to the player you want to kick or ban.

Kick or Ban Player


Click /, chat or right on the dpad
Type /kick gamertag
then reason or message (remember kicking allows the player to rejoin if they have the share link/code)

Here’s the video I made if you want to see the commands in action. Drop me a comment if you need any help or have any further questions. I’m FNT, peace!

How to ban/kick on Minecraft Realms