Xbox Privacy Settings

How to fix Xbox privacy settings for Minecraft Realms

To play on Minecraft Realms you need two privacy settings to be enabled (Join multiplayer and create and join clubs) . It isn’t very obvious and sometimes error messages aren’t very helpful. There are two ways to update your settings, on your Xbox or on Here I will show you how to change your privacy settings on your Xbox.

On Xbox

Step 1: Press the Guide button and go to Settings

Xbox Guide

Step 2: Click on “Online safety and family”

Xbox Settings

Step 3: Click Privacy & online safety

Online safety & family

Step 4: Click Xbox Live privacy

Privacy & online safety
Xbox Live privacy

Step 5: Click on Friends & clubs and set “You can create and join clubs” to Allow

Friends and clubs

Step 6: Click on Communication & multiplayer and set “You can join multiplayer games” to Allow

Communication & multiplayer
How to fix Xbox privacy settings