Upload Three Worlds to a Minecraft Realm!

Introduced into Minecraft version 1.17.10 you now have three world upload slots! You can upload up to 3 worlds to your Minecraft Realm and they can each have different settings. Only one world can be active at a time and Realms owners can easily switch between worlds. Members would be kicked from the current world and when they rejoin are automatically placed in the new active world. Here is a walkthrough I made of the new feature to Minecraft Realms.

Boruto (Karma) coming to Shinobi Striker

Finally Boruto (Karma) has a release date of April 9th. Along with it you can unlock Kawaki’s outfit & hairstyle with the DLC. This means no full Kawaki character will release for Shinobi Striker?

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Alien X Fortnite

The Alien franchise has made its way into Fortnite! Here is a look at the Xenomorph and Ripley skins. The Xenomorph skin comes with a built in e-mote and Xenomorph tail back bling, while Ripley doesn’t come with a built in emote she does have a variant available. A “Space Gear” bundle is also available and comes with a drop ship glider, burster emote, and loader arm pickaxe.

Alien Store Screenshot
“In Space” Alien Set